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Reputation and High-Stakes Issues Management
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Forbes Interviewed Richard Torrenzano on the NYSE Deutsche Börse Merger

Forbes quoted Richard Torrenzano in a February 15, 2011 posting after NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Börse announced their merger on that morning.

Richard Torrenzano said he would not be surprised by a rival bid for CME Group. “It would not be unusual to see another bid or another deal” at a time when two big exchange operators mergers have taken place in less than a week. The London Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange operator TMX Group announced a tie-up Feb. 9, and even that merged entity could wind up in play, given the focus on the sector. “Once something like this happens, everyone is looking at the sector and what might make sense,” says Torrenzano.

The former NYSE executive is encouraged by what the NYSE/Deutsche Börse tie-up means for global markets. “The only big question I have,” Torrenzano says, ” is once [the deal] is done how do you bring Asia into the mix?”

I asked Torrenzano Tuesday about his view of the nationalist angle to the deal, and he points out that in a world moving toward global markets, “corporations and trading environments are not bound by geography” while acknowledging “pockets of nationalism both here and in Germany.”

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